5 Spring Wedding Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

So you have finally figured out when you want to have your big day. Youve decided on a Spring Wedding, which is a great choice however you do not want to be cliche. I am going to give you 5 trends that will make your special day stand apart from the rest.

Florals!!!! This could apply to any aspect of your wedding. I saw a beautifully designed veil that had hand sewn flowers at the base of the veil and it was breathtaking. You could have flowers lining the aisle way towards the altar. You can choose to have flowers in your hair, on your dress, you can choose to use flower petals for the send away portion of the event. The list is endless with ideas for the use of florals in your event.

Bringing the indoors out this is probably the most unique trend that I have seen for the 2020/2021 wedding season. This is renting antique fainting couches, chaise lounges, and chairs for your guests to sit on during the ceremony and reception. It is also a much more comfortable option than folding chairs. The options are relatively endless in this regard.

Different styles of Bridesmaid dresses this is kind of my favorite idea for the spring. This works for a multitude of reasons. It allows your bridesmaid to choose a dress that flatters them and they can wear it for another event or a date night with their significant other. A variety of styles for the bridesmaid dresses also allow you to have different colors, if you have some accent colors that you wanted in your wedding but couldnt find a place for them.

Non Traditional Wedding Dresses!! This is a great trend that I am totally here for. This allows your inner fashionista to shine bright on your big day. You want to look like Carrie waiting for

Big, then go for it. Say you found a dress with a gorgeous black tulle overlay and you found out that it has POCKETS!!! This is your big day, one that will be remembered for the rest of your life, why not choose a dress that makes your heart flutter just like the way the person you are marrying makes you feel.

A backdrop for photos This is great for everyone at the reception. You can have the photographer take some of the photos, coupled with the guests taking their own photos and using your hashtag, which can be generated online. This way you have a beautiful background for the photos and memories that will last a lifetime. You can even place these photos in your wedding guest book so your friends and family can add their comments and their photo.

There are so many trends and ideas that are out there for you to use in order for your big day to sparkle and shine. Dont even get me started on all of the wedding menus that could go with a spring wedding. The possibilities are endless and would be great if they can all be shared amongst the rest of us! So please keep in mind that no matter what you do, your day is going to be just as special.

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