6 Money  Saving Tips for Wedding Day

Wedding day is such a memorable day in the entire life of everyone that the couple tried their best to make it special in every possible way. All this can be done with the money. From flower decoration to the photography, every phase of the wedding day involves money in it. If proper management of budget is done in the whole process of wedding, it could be possible for the couple to fill all the dreams pertaining to the wedding day. There are many realms in which money could be saved for spending it on some other wedding thing.

Money saving tips:

The main thing is venue. Money can be saved if proper choice of venue is done. There are many event planners in the town who are charging more than the reasonable price. Such a venue must be opted where the outdoor setting can be adjusted. Moreover, a comparisonchart can be prepared to settle for the least cheap yet the best venue.

The allocation of budget should be such that the food, venue and the beverages must occupy the half of the total budget. It must be considered that only one location should be booked for the ceremony as well as for the reception. For the venue there has been many public places that could be booked on rent and can be decorated as per the requirement of the occasion.

On the flip side, the couple must higher one of the finest photographer for the wedding. One can not trust every second person for the photographs. As photographs is the only memory remain with the couple through out there life so proper spending of money on photographer is always a wise choice.

Eye on each detail of the occasion is itself a way to save money!

There are many little details that can be considered in order to save money. For instance fondant cake costs a lot and is most of the time tasteless so instead of fondant cakes mini cupcakes can always be used. And for the wedding cakes the classic cheese is not only cheap but taste good as well. Always hire such a transport that is comfortable and cost less. Most of the time limousine is the best choice. Any of the trustworthy friend can play the role of chauffeur. This will automatically save a lot of money. When it comes to the paper cuts it is essential to do all the creative and crafting yourself. On internet there are a plenty of ideas regarding the crafts required for the wedding day. Taking help from the internet one can always refrain from buying expensive readymade props and frames and other crafts for the wedding day.

Cutting of the expenditure from the tiny things can eventually assist in saving a lot of money that could be utilized in a way productive way in the rest of the wedding ceremony and important tasks of the wedding day. The day is special so sensible use of money is the notion that will make the day the most memorable day.


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