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Download, operating system, file type, file size, file date.
It is extremely important that this parameter is exactly the same for all files. If the file differs in color, size and other parameters, then the application can easily find an error in this file. If the file has the same size and color, but differs from other files, then it contains viruses or is potentially dangerous.
ATTENTION! When you download any file to your computer, it may be infected with a virus. Then the antivirus will not detect the download and you will have to reinstall the operating system. To update the operating system, do not download new files downloaded from the Internet. In order for a different version of Windows to be installed on the user’s computer, it is also recommended to update the BIOS, and then install the new Windows.
File classification by UUID
Windows has the ability to create files of different categories. There is no limit to the number of categories in a file, so you are free to delete or create new categories.
You can also create multiple categories. For example, you can create several categories for uploading files: “Required” and “Optional”, for checking email – “Optional”, and so on.
When the operating system starts, files of all categories are added to the corresponding partitions. Each disk partition is conditionally divided into several subcategories. The more subcategories your file has, the more common its cached directory will be for all files. The subcategory directory is also divided into subcategories. On your system, the subcategory might be a file.
For example, one of the subcategories of the section named My Images would be the file Myimages.fot.
As noted above, file subcategories are created using keys (subcategory directories) or keys (category keys). All keys except the subcategory key can be displayed. In this case, you can choose one of the following semantizations:
For each category, a file name is indicated:
The subcategories are:
Subcategory ID
subcategory catalog number
directory number subcategory
Category ID
When working with files, remember that each subcategory is created from scratch. If you deleted a subcategory, don’t forget to create a new category later. To delete a subcategory, select it in the list of subcategories and click the “Delete” button. When used to remove a subcarritory using the system menu



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