Do You Need An Alcohol License For Your Outdoor Wedding?

Having your wedding outdoors can be a fantastic way of showing a little of your personality as well as creating a beautiful day that you will treasure for the rest of your life. However, there are lots of elements to carefully consider when you opt for an outdoor wedding which you may not have to if you are hiring a regular venue. One of the main things that you will need to think about is the possibility of needing various licenses for your wedding to go ahead. So, do you need an alcohol license for your outdoor wedding?

The answer isn’t entirely simple as there are various factors that decide whether you need an alcohol license or any other license for that matter. For example, an alcohol license is required if alcohol will be sold at the event. So, if you are hiring a bar and your guests will need to pay for their drinks, a license will be required. However, if all of the drinks will be provided free of charge, you shouldn’t need an alcohol license.

We spoke to Hospitality Training Solutions who provide personal license courses. They told us,

“If you have any type of exchange of money for alcoholic drinks at any point during your wedding day, you’ll need an alcohol license. Even if you call it a ‘donation’, it is still considered a monetary exchange, even if it’s in a roundabout way. Unless you are providing a completely free bar, you’ll need an alcohol license to make sure that you don’t run into any problems.”

However, an alcohol license may not be the only license you need to consider for your wedding, as you may be required to get a Temporary Event Notice (TEN). This allows you to carry out an activity which is described as ‘licensable’, such as selling alcohol and providing entertainment. This license needs to be applied for at least 10 days before the event, and has to be approved by the council, the police and Environmental Health.

Making sure you have all the correct licenses for your outdoor wedding will take a weight off your mind when you get to your big day knowing that you don’t have to worry. If you don’t have the correct licenses, you can end up with fines that will put a bit of a damper on the biggest day of your life.

If you hire a bar, they should have their own alcohol license, but you may pay a little more for rental and staff costs. You may need to think about whether you are happy to spend a little more and have less to think about, or if you are on a particularly tight budget, you may have to take on a little more of the organisational tasks.

These licenses are not particularly difficult to get, but it is important that you are organised and apply for them in good time if you need them. This will give you time to breathe and enjoy this exciting time as you plan your wedding.

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