All About Bottle Openers

Beer is the utmost important thing when you are at a party. It could be a high school party, a colleague party, a graduation party or a reception party. Whichever the gene of the party is, people enjoy their best with food, music, dance and beer.

Now when we you are throwing out a themed party where beer is necessary, you must think about how to make your drink follow your theme? If you haven’t thought this, beer opener can be your theme disciple. We usually took this little piece in our bars for granted, but when we don’t have one that is the time we realize we can’t do without them. If this tiny little piece is been with your favourite theme, what could be better than this? Here we are listing some amazing ways a bottle opener can be used for along with the unique kind of bottle openers available in the market:

1. Themed Bottle Openers

You can see a range of themed bottle openers available for your party that will go perfect for your party. When you are throwing a party you want everything to be perfect and when it’s about your bar with the fine champagne and beautiful glasses, a cool bottle opener will make it all go perfectly.

2. Customized Bottle Openers

If you couldn’t get your type of beer bottle opener, you can have a customized one. The theme could be anything you like from Star Wars bottle opener to a complete girly bottle opener for a girls party, just the way you want.

3. Bottle Opener As a Gift

When you have so much variety available why not present a beautiful customized bottle opener to your beer friend. It could be one of the perfect gifts for drinkers, they will definitely love it as every detail about drinking matters to them.

4. Promotional Bottle Openers

Companies usually market their services by the help of other products and bottle opener could be one of them. It could be a successful promotional product for any company. If you are having a SME organization, it could definitely market you well with your logo printed on it.  It is cheaper strategy as compare to other expensive methods.

5. Keychain Bottle Opener

The most unique bottle opener which serves as a keychain also. You could carry it anywhere you want and make use of it whenever you have to open a beer bottle while travelling.

Do you bottle opener can be used for other purposes too except for its majors, here are some.

i) Barbecue Scrapper:

You can use your old bottle opener to scrap out the remnants of your last meal from your barbecue grill.

ii) Unpack the Cartons:

Carton unpacking is usually very hectic but with a bottle opener you can do it easily in ago just by running the sharp end of it on the tape of carton.

iii) Removing Chestnut Shells:

Everyone knows how difficult it is to eat a chestnut because before it you have to go a long way. With your favorite bottle opener, you could remove it effortlessly by using the pointed end of it. Pierce the top and bottom of the chestnut and boil them for ten minutes. All ready to enjoy chestnuts now.

With these exceptional uses of a simple bottle opener aren’t you amazed? Now it doesn’t remain the same unimportant tiny thing in your kitchen, it is much more now.

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