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Alliance takes the best from BitTorrent, Direct Connect and Waste and creates a decentralized and secure p2p network. Alliance is a private, safe and  secure environment where you will be able to share files and communicate with people you know.
With Alliance users create their own networks. You can either start a new network or get invited into an existing network by another Alliance user.









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-Privacy protection.
-Trustless environment.
-No third-party software.
-Fully decentralized.
-Open source.
-Safe and Secure.
-No intermediary to hold the keys.
-Test Alliance 2022 Crack on Bitbox for iOS.

Happy to hear your thoughts and feedbacks!


Create a new network.

Create a new invitation link.
Invite your invited friends, and get the invitations from them.

It should be something like this:

Here is a demo:

Why not use webSockets?
There is a good explanation of the benefits:
Make the network suitable to your needs.

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What is Alliance Crack Mac?
Alliance Download With Full Crack is the world’s first secure, decentralized and encrypted P2P File Sharing Network.

Alliance Features and Benefits
Alliance is a secure File Sharing Network with the following features and benefits:

# File sharing and security. In Alliance, you can share files of different formats such as pictures, videos, or office documents. Your data is always protected with the Alliance encryption. Plus, you can also share videos, photos, chat and documents between members of your Alliance with the possibility to share video, audio and text. All you need is a secure Alliance account and any of the supported devices.

# Access and search your files. In Alliance you will be able to search your files or folders. All files are indexed through the algorithm of Peer Exchange. You will be able to search your entire network like Wikipedia.

# Fast and secure. When you have the file in your possession, your recipient will get it instantly. Your message will be delivered in seconds. Plus, by using the blockchain, Alliance is secure as it is permissionless and immutable.

# Decentralized. In Alliance, anyone can create a network. Alliance is not owned by anyone. Anyone can create a network with the Alliance software and create an Alliance account.

# Privacy. Alliance is the easiest way to use a P2P Network and secure your files. Your information is completely private as it is not stored in a third-party server. It is completely encrypted in your Alliance account and never been intercepted.

The team behind Alliance is at the forefront of bringing this fantastic new file sharing project to life. As the lead developer of Alliance is a highly experienced professional blockchain developer.

Revolutionize P2P File Sharing

Don’t miss out on the Alliance Token Sale. There is still time to participate. And get 75% (75%) of all Alliance Tokens during the Pre-Sale!

Alliance Tokens:


Alliance Pre-Sale starts 3:00 PM CET (03:00 PM EST) on the 18th of January 2018 and ends on February 17th 2018 (01:59 AM PST, 18:00 CET).

This means that you have 3 days to register your email address and participate in the Pre-Sale.

Pre-Sale Tokens:

75% (75%) of the total pre-sale allocation will be distributed during this Pre-

Alliance PC/Windows

What is Alliance?

Alliance is a new distributed p2p protocol created by members of the Worship Project and released on 22 Nov 2015. Alliance is free, secure, private, and 3x more efficient than BitTorrent. Why Alliance is better than BitTorrent and other protocols:

Alliance is a distributed network of nodes. With BitTorrent, a nodes client is used to connect to torrent peers. However, this setup limits the number of nodes. BitTorrent data is broadcast to all torrent peers. Also, peers are not aware of each other’s existence unless they have an existing connection.

Alliance provides private networks of peers with secure communication

Cannot be a normal torrent

Cannot be a P2P application like torrent

Can’t be a proxy like IP hole or DHT

Can’t be a proxy like DNS hole or BGP

Can’t be a proxy like ICE

Can’t be a proxy like aBNS

Can’t be a proxy like IDS

Peer listing on the network

Peer List can be configured on the network

Peer List has details like IP addresses, host names, private keys etc.

Peer List are kept confidential.

Peer List visibility can be restricted

Peer List are not stored in a central database.

Peer List can be used for network surveillance and identity verification

Peer List can be used in chat applications

Peer List can be used for peer linking

Peer List can be used for peer routing 

Use Cases

Use it as a file sharing application

Use it to communicate

Use it as file storage application

Use it as a P2P proxy

Use it for peer routing

Use it for peer linking

Use it as a chat application. (on Alliance networks)

Use it for peer discovery.

Use it for peer-to-peer authoring

Use it as a P2P proxy 

Use it for peer routing 

Use it for peer linking 

Use it for 

What’s New in the Alliance?

1. Private.alliance
2. Secure.alliance
3. Global.alliance
4. Highly secure
5. Instant Messages
6. Based on BitTorrent technology
7.  Alliance users are organized into networks.
8. Two types of networks: Public (public) and Private (group)
9.  You do not have to be a member of the.alliance to create a network
10. Online directory where.alliance users can find each other
11..alliance has its own p2p technology which is superior to traditional methods
12. A mixture of BitTorrent and Direct Connect technology
13.  Alliance has its own cryptocurrency (AEL)

It’s a vast network of.alliances that communicate with each other and have their own
life. It’s a decentralized p2p system, meaning you don’t need a central server to connect to.
Unlimited amount of files, directories, and computers for the sending.
A peer-to-peer network
A secure, decentralized environment where you can communicate with people you know
A transfer and sharing system where users can share files.

Public network
You can join any network you want to and you also can go into a public network to reach people you know who are a part of that network.
You can invite someone in if you know them, they must be someone you trust.
In a public network, people can share files and folders. They do not have to be part of that network.

Private network
You can create your own network. You can invite people you know into that network.
They will have to accept your invitation. You can create as many networks as you like.
Private networks are more secure than public networks, because only people you know are part of that network.
People that are a part of your network can share files and folders in your network
but you can’t share your network to other people.

System Requirements
Alliance is a cross-platform application. You can download it for Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.
You can download the.jar file and run it from the command line, but it is not recommended to do so.
There is an installer available on the Alliance site.
If you have an older version of Java installed on your computer you can run the install program.
If you are having difficulties running the install program you can get the source code

System Requirements For Alliance:

* Dual-Link DVI interface for the ZOG 6.0
* USB Keyboard and mouse
* Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit OS)
1. Download the 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) version of SOBRAN
2. Double-click on the downloaded installer.
3. Press Next in the installer.
4. Complete the installation, accepting all the terms and conditions.
5. Double-click on S

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