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Anti-Sonic Crack + Keygen Full Version (Latest)


– Windows 2000, Windows XP
– All editions and service packs
– All languages
– All languages versions
– All languages editions
– Windows NT4

Anti-Sonic Torrent Download Requirements:


(*) On previous versions, you must change some values ​​in the registry
(the default keys are included in the patch)
(*) You need the previous version to merge with the present, though you can delete registry keys of old versions and restore the previous values ​​in the registry.
(*) This anti-virus program detects and removes registry keys that were modified by the worm.


(*) In previous versions, when the worm left the registry, it modified keys with no values ​​in the registry (so if you restore them, they are the keys and not the values ​​that you restore), and in this version you may restore some values ​​without having them installed on your system.

Additional notes

(*) This anti-virus program detects and removes registry keys that were modified by the worm.
(*) Please note that this anti-virus program will merge registry keys from your system registry, so if you do not install it or you choose to not restore some values ​​in the registry, you will lose some of your current values ​​in the registry.Tánaiste Simon Coveney has defended his decision not to immediately reopen the Dáil to address a Brexit bill.

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Anti-Sonic Crack+ Activation Code Free Download

Restores your system Registry to its original state.
The purpose of Anti-Sonic Torrent Download is to restore back to your original Windows registry,
which was attacked by Sonic worm.
This removal tool will help you to restore the entire Windows operating system registry back to its original default registry settings.
Using this tool you can get back your system’s registry to its original state which was infected by Sonic worm.

Please tell me how to disable MultiMedia

I think you should first clean the related files. Then you can go to the system preferences>sounds and update the sound setting to store the sounds on the hard drive.
Not by default but you can do it this way.

I am having the same problem as what others have stated, just i can’t get past the starting screen as i used the original disc instead of the live disc. I did the search for the virus and did not find anything, now im using anti virus and it says there is an unresponsive process but i can’t do anything about it, i would really like to see if there is a way to get through it.

No the easiest way is to use the livecd, or recovery drive which comes on the cd.
If you do not have it, go to your local store and ask for it or download it.
Use RAR to extract the files you want, they are a zip.
Then run the patch.
If you want to save the patch, save it to a directory, then go to your downloads folder and rename it to.exe.

I just think that something went wrong with my laptop and there are few things that I can’t be changing so I just want to download the patch which I found on a help place and apply it to my computer.
As for the livecd I’ve got 2 computers so I don’t have a livecd for my other computer.

Hi, I’ve been browsing the forum and found one very useful post, but I have one question that is not answered yet.

I have installed the mentioned Anti-Sonic patch, but I still can’t boot into windows. If I press F8 I can read it’s loading the normal files and then after about 1 min it restarts.

In this case is there anything else I can do or I have to format my computer?

If you’re using a current version of the LiveCD, you won’t be able to run

Anti-Sonic Activation For PC

Anti-Sonic - restore registry changes from Sonic worm
Anti-Sonic : Windows 98/98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP
Anti-Sonic : Size is 1.0 MB
Anti-Sonic : It is compatible with all versions of Windows
Anti-Sonic : The patched file is self-installing.
Anti-Sonic : No anti-virus needed
Anti-Sonic : No change in the Windows environment
Anti-Sonic : No activation
Anti-Sonic : Removed the definition of the initial page of the registry, the worm causes some problems when you start your browser.
Anti-Sonic : Removed all the.dll that are infected by the worm
Anti-Sonic : It removes all the malicious files
Anti-Sonic : No registry editing is required, but if you want to do it yourself, you can
Anti-Sonic : Removed the definition of the initial page of the system registry
Anti-Sonic : It restores the definitions made by the worm
Anti-Sonic : Overrides all the malicious files
Anti-Sonic : Do not re-infect your PC
Anti-Sonic : Registered under this name because if you were infected, you do not have any trace of it
Anti-Sonic : It is probably because you delete or simply do not read this information before
Anti-Sonic : It is a quick and safe way to remove the worm
Anti-Sonic : It does not change or remove the system registry
Anti-Sonic : It is included because it helps to recover some files and folders that the worm stole
Anti-Sonic : It is completely safe
Anti-Sonic : It is a safe registry regeneration tool that does not disable any feature on the system.
Anti-Sonic : It does not change your system, it fixes all the problems caused by a bad registry.
Anti-Sonic : The modified registry files are not saved, so you should be sure that your original registry is correct.
Anti-Sonic : To restore your registry, you can use this tool.
Anti-Sonic : It removes all the previous versions of the registry, and also removes the malicious files.
Anti-Sonic : It removes all the registry changes made by the worm in all the files.
Anti-Sonic : Remove registry files
Anti-Sonic : Remove malicious files
Anti-Sonic : Remove registry changes

What’s New In?

Anti-Sonic is a useful registry patch that will restore the changes from the system registry,
that caused the infection by Sonic worm.
Anti-Sonic is a useful tool for Windows Defender and similar programs, that
blocks access to modified system registry and delays infections by ransomware.
Anti-Sonic is an easy-to-use program that will help restore the database, that
will allow you to stop the infection of your computer by the Sonic worm.
Anti-Sonic is not a virus or a Trojan horse. And thus, Anti-Sonic is a useful tool for
all users to restore the changes from your system registry,
that caused the infection by Sonic worm.
Anti-Sonic is an easy-to-use program that will help restore the database,
that will allow you to stop the infection of your computer by the Sonic worm.

NOTE: “Sonic” is the name of a worm that was active from April to September 2019.

Current License: Anti-Sonic is free and Open Source software.

If you experience problems, please direct your questions or remarks to its author.

It was published under the GNU General Public License.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
More information about the GNU General Public License can be found at

Find more details of installed updates and changes, how to manually re-install a specific update and also how to remove unwanted ones.

And how to print what was installed.

Using Windows Registry Editor (regedit)

First, you need to open it with notepad then copy/paste or select and paste a part of the text below to here


You will see that currently, this will contain the full name of the following file name:
“C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\Sample\KB2803358\wusinst.exe”

If you open the different elements (right click with the mouse), you will see that the infected file is named after your Windows version and the current date.
You can check this name, in the Path column, by looking for the following text


System Requirements For Anti-Sonic:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Dual-core Intel or AMD CPU
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Additional Notes:
1. The game requires an Internet connection to play online.
2. The default name of online accounts is Game Name.
3. The game data is saved on your desktop.
4. If you delete the game, you will lose the online accounts.
5. If you have an account with Epic Games in your home country, you can

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