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AutoCAD Activation Code has been used in the following industries: Architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, construction management, surveying, architecture, graphic design, planning and management, oil and gas, mining, land development and investment, and government.

AutoCAD 2020 In the last update, AutoCAD 2017, has received the largest re-design overhaul in its 15-year history, with an entirely new user interface (UI). From version 2007, Autodesk has released new versions every two years. The software costs $499 to register for the desktop version and $2,000 for the subscription model. AutoCAD for students is available at a discount for $99 (Personal Subscription). (Source:

The following sections briefly discuss the features and functions of AutoCAD.

Operations and Editing

The first thing to learn in AutoCAD is how to draw a line with the mouse or keyboard. You can use the pen tool or a variety of line and arrow tools to create lines, arcs, polylines, and linesets. You can make these drawing tools work in different directions, and each tool is described in detail in the Help file.

Toolbars and Ribbon

When you start a drawing project, you are prompted to choose the type of toolbars that you want to use. By default, you get six toolbars at the bottom of the screen and a Ribbon at the top. This is called the status bar. To work with the different toolbars or the Ribbon, click the respective toolbars or Ribbon tab.

Top left: Toolbars are displayed. Top middle: The path bar is displayed. Top right: The measurement bar is displayed.

The toolbars are listed here:

The Ribbon provides a way to access and customize the AutoCAD interface. In the Ribbon, the menus are called tabs.

Menu and Button/Toolbar Controls

The following figures show the menus and tools in the status bar. You can customize the Ribbon tabs and toggle the options for the menus to suit your own preferences.

Below is a complete list of all the menus and toolbar functions.

Menu Command Description Command Start Drawing to create a new drawing, or open an existing drawing. File Open or Open/Save Open or Save a drawing. Window

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What’s New in the?

Export as vector file: New easy-to-use export presets, based on your existing design workflows, make it fast and efficient to share your drawings in native vector formats. These preset designs can then be used by AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD LT for the Web, AutoCAD Web Access, and most third-party applications.

AutoCAD LT Metadata Manager:

No more files, project, or directory-based metadata management. Advanced metadata handling and versioning without breaking your drawing setup. (video: 1:20 min.)

New drawing toolbar:

Drawing tools and options: Selectively modify drawing object style properties, set scale, and work with snapping, object constraints, and dimension placement. Selective drawing tools make it easy to fine-tune parts of your design.

Immediate axis updates:

Know exactly where your drawing axes are and where they’re going, with no error messages, errors, or downtime. You can even work with multiple views at once and check the visible axes before moving, rotating, or resizing.

Accessibility options:

Add or customize access keys or label types and preview with AutoCAD LT for the Web. Accessibility settings can be disabled for non-web versions.

2-D and 3-D modeling:

2-D object placement, line styles, and new text styles that better reflect how you design and work with text and graphics in 2-D and 3-D.

AutoCAD Classic and Autodesk Inventor:

Improvements in the mapping and 3-D Warehouse interfaces, plus a new Favorites feature for easy-to-use reference.

3-D Warehouse enhancements:

Previews of 3-D objects in the warehouse are now better organized, with simple filtering options that make it easy to find designs and check their status.

ArcGIS Runtime for AutoCAD for Windows:

Use ArcGIS Runtime for AutoCAD for Windows to quickly and easily access more than 150 tools and utilities right from inside the drawing window. With no application installation needed, you can start working right away.


Navigation and commands that simplify tooltips and help find common tasks.

Trellis support:

Draw radial and multiradial plots with radii up to 8192, 360 degrees, or any number of angles. Plot

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows 7 SP1 / 8 / 10 / Server 2012 R2 / 2016 / Windows Server 2019
Windows 7 SP1 / 8 / 10 / Server 2012 R2 / 2016 / Windows Server 2019 Processor: i3-8100 / i5-8300 / i7-8550 / Xeon E3-1200 v5 / i5-6400 / i7-7200U / Core i3-7100 / Core i5-6300U / Core i7-6500U / Core i3-6100 / Core

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