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Running long-lasting tasks such as downloading online files or creating backups requires your computer to stay turned on for a large period of time. An application such as autoShut can prove useful in such circumstances, considering that you must monitor the task progress and interrupt your work in order to shut down the PC manually.
autoShut is nothing more than a simple shutdown scheduling application, designed to help you instruct the computer to execute this particular power action at a predefined time in the future.
Simplicity is one of its main characteristics, but this is common for such a software tool. The user-friendly interface comprises all the options within a single window, allowing you to configure the program and start the countdown with the push of a button.
The GUI is split into two separate panes, one displaying the current time and date and the other including options for setting the timer.
There are two ways to use autoShut. One is to instruct it to turn off the system at a specific, exact time of your choice, while the other offers you the possibility to select a a time duration in minutes until the computer will be shut down. Clearly, the latter alternative is for situations when you want the PC to be turned off faster.
Once you've made your choice, your remaining task is to press the 'Start Countdown' button. A new window is displayed, containing information about the remaining time until the action is executed.
autoShut implements a simplistic automatic shutdown system that is very easy to configure and use. Despite its advantages, please note that there are similar applications out there that allow you to schedule other power actions alongside shutting down the PC.









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eXIST – a calendar for tasks and events

eXIST is a Calendar / to-do list and reminders organizer software for Windows.

It has comprehensive support for various appointments, including recurring ones, and actions with deadlines. eXIST makes it easy for you to remember new tasks or important events that need to be executed in the future. The application allows you to work in the Calendar with pre-configured reminders, repeating tasks or one-shot actions, and create, edit or delete events and appointments.

The program offers a reasonable Calendar option, where the user can select a day, month or year. The events can be connected to one another and to the times of their executions, so you can easily synchronize them in different applications and systems.

Using eXIST is very easy – it just works – all you have to do is select your preferred calendar and then click Add Event or Click To Date for recurring tasks. You can create new reminders, start new one-shot actions, modify an existing event and add items to the task list. There’s a good variety of built-in tasks: stop, print, record, reminder with a specified time and date, e-mail, download an attachment, view an image, etc.

You can make new events, attach files, send e-mail messages, or open a web page, using the integrated Internet Explorer. The program supports the most common Internet protocols and address formats, such as HTTP, FTP, WAIS, Gopher, MMS, MAPI, POP, IMAP, SMTP and even integrates into Netscape.

You can even delete items from the task list, or display a custom form on which to enter the action description, the name, the due date, or the status. You can even associate the actions that you create with one of the calendar dates.

eXIST also includes a built-in editor, which makes it easy to modify the description or the time of an action, edit existing appointments, or duplicate, move or rename events. You can work with a calendar in reverse (select all the events and choose Forward), and add duplicate events or attach a file to any event, to be executed at a later date.

The program is easy to use and its design is very intuitive. The detailed help system is available at all times, so there’s a place for every question you may have.

With eXIST, you can easily work with tasks

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BeFree Lite – Win32 –

BeFree (by the band Ch3mmer) aims to bring a new, free alternative to the popular BeOS- and Linux-based Psi. The program will allow you to run a desktop environment based on the same Freedomware principles (with a unique look and some features), plus it will also include a file manager (true file manager, without all the bloatware, just a file manager, useful in its own right and at the same time) and a full suite of native…

WinPrint Lite – Win32 –

WinPrint Lite – Powerful Printer Software that makes your life easier.
Save time, money, and disk space. WinPrint Lite is a powerful and easy to use utility designed to help you manage your printer. With just a few clicks, WinPrint Lite can produce a complete printed version of your document and can also check the last status of printers and the print quality. This…


HIGHLIGHTER – A graphical application that allows you to use tooltips!
Whether you have to describe the function of an icon, you need a lot of help, or you want to combine the help from a window manager, highlighters are a real tool to accomplish your task.
What is a highlighter? It’s nothing more than an on-screen annotation: an image placed above a text field or…

Stardock IconPackager – Win32 –

Stardock IconPackager is a powerful and easy to use software for creating ready to go icon packages from a wide variety of icons.

Stardock eDirectory – 4.5 – Win32 –

Stardock eDirectory is a multi-user network based directory and calendar system. eDirectory provides the ability to create and maintain contact, calendar, journal and address book information for a company. You can view or edit entries from any networked computer. All edits are instantly made available to every other user so you can all work on the same…

ATMAgent – Win32 –

ATMAgent is designed to be an all-purpose front-end to most of the available ATM banking and related activities available on the Internet

AutoShut Product Key Full

– Adds a countdown timer to Windows with one click
– Has a simple GUI for setting the countdown timer
– You can set the countdown to shutdown the computer after a set period of time (in minutes)
– The countdown timer can be useful for shutting down the computer when online downloads complete or for backing up your data

Here you can find out how to get an accurate time for Windows and how to set the countdown timer to shutdown Windows after a specific amount of time.

Autoseth Description:

Welcome to AutoSeth, first of all I want to thank you for having this program for your valuable time

1) NOTE: In order to make sure that the Logs are accurate and that they do not overwrite each other, make sure to use a different folder name for each log to prevent this issue from occuring.

2) AutoSeth uses Windows 7 Task Scheduler by default. This means that the computer will not be able to shut down if the computer is turned off, it must be turned on again for it to be able to shut down.

3) If you have problems downloading, please check your internet connection, the Internet Explorer cache, and your proxy settings. If your connection has been down recently, try restarting your modem.



1) How can I set the computer to shut down at a specific time?


1) Make sure that the power button has been pushed at least once.

2) Open AUTOSETH.exe and click the settings option.

3) From the Tools option, choose the Time Editor.

4) Adjust the time and date and save the settings.

5) Start AUTOSETH.exe

6) Click the Start Countdown button to start the countdown.

7) Your countdown will be displayed in the countdown window.

8) The countdown will automatically stop when the countdown time has been reached.

9) Click the Start Countdown button to start the countdown.

10) Your countdown will be displayed in the countdown window.

11) The countdown will automatically stop when the countdown time has been reached.

12) Click the Start Countdown button to start the countdown.

13) Your countdown will be displayed in the countdown window.

14) The countdown will automatically stop when the countdown time has been reached.

15) Click the Start Countdown button to

What’s New In AutoShut?

“autoShut is a shutdown scheduling application, which is capable of monitoring a shutdown countdown and then shutting down your computer at the select time.
– Schedule computer shutdowns at a specific time and/or time interval
– Use the Schedules button to display a time schedule from now until a shutdown
– (optional) User-defined Shutdown button to shut down the system immediately
– Select Shutdown button to shutdown system
– User-defined time schedule
– Shutdown time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months
– Shutdown Schedule The programs use the Windows Task Scheduler to schedule shutdowns.
How to use:
– Download the “autoShut” GUI application
– Run the program “autoShut” and click the Schedules button to see a list of available time schedules
– Browse the list and select the schedule you wish to use or create a new time schedule
– Click the Start Countdown button to start the countdown of a specified shutdown time
– (optional) Click the Shutdown button to shut down the system immediately
– Click the Options button to change the Shut Down options”

Docs to Download :

Version: 7.0 and up

Size: 1060 KB

Date Added: 2009-12-27

Developer: SoftHelp

Price: Free

Difficulty: Easy

Compatibility: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win 7

Operating System: Windows

Download autoShut Client Full Version

Learn what’s new and get a 30 day free trial for autoShut 3.1 to download your desired documents.

Learn what’s new and get a 30 day free trial for autoShut 3.1 to download your desired documents.

Learn what’s new and get a 30 day free trial for autoShut 3.1 to download your desired documents.

autoShut 4.0 – Release Notes (Xp / Vista / Win 7)
Easy to use downloader
Download autoShut 4.0 for your windows xp or vista or windows 7/8 operating system.
It’s easy to configure your PC to automatically shutdown at a preset time, automatically resume when you turn on your computer again. This power management software works with pre-defined schedule shutdown times

System Requirements For AutoShut:

This post will describe the basic installation instructions for both 64 bit and 32 bit versions of Guild Wars 2. 64 bit and 32 bit have some important differences, so we will take a moment to describe the differences between them.
AMD A8 APU – CUDA / OpenGL 3.3
Intel Pentium Dual Core – CUDA / OpenGL 3.3
Windows XP 64 bit
Windows Vista 64 bit
Windows 7 64 bit
Windows 8 64 bit

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