Best Indian Destination Wedding Spots in Cancun

Best Indian Destination Wedding Spots in Cancun

The Indian population accounts for the second largest population in the world. Moreover, with the growing number of Indian visa immigrants to the US, the concept of destination weddings has also popularized amongst Indian society.

However, a major issue faced by the Indian population regarding their destination weddings is the lack of their inherent culture present in these weddings and since Indians are a people deeply infatuated with their traditional culture weddings are occasions that have their traditions enrooted in these events.

Cancun, a city of Mexico, one that is on the border with the Caribbean has not limited itself to its natural beauty making it an attraction for destination weddings, but has also gradually started incorporating resorts that specifically cater to South Asian weddings and their traditions at the best rates making it one of the most popular Indian destination wedding spot.

If you’re confused regarding the wedding venue amongst the endless lists of possible wedding resorts look no further.

Grand Residences Riveria Cancun:

Grand Residences Riveria Cancun

Situated right in the midst of Cancun and Playa Del Carmen, this resort is a quick twenty minutes’ drive from the airport making it easily reachable once you’ve landed. Grand Residences Riveria allows you one of the most luxurious stays you could think of with a variety of 5-star facilities.

However, often referred to as one of the best wedding spots in Cancun, it delivers one of a kind experience nestled at the borderline of coral reef where you can make the most of your trip by getting live sea-food for the guests or even a wedding in its tropical jungle.

Destination Wedding Solutions allows you to pre-book your favorite resorts and more for your upcoming wedding.

Grand Oasis Cancun:

Grand Oasis Cancun:

One of the largest resorts in the area alongside having the largest beachfront, Grand Oasis is no stranger to offering dozens of options to choose from for their guests.

Whether you’re someone who has their heart on a simple significant ceremony where you and your partner exchange your vows or one who wants to make their wedding an all over party for you and your 400 guests, Grand Oasis can offer it all. The resort has something for everyone with its numerous packages or even the option for a custom event.

Sandos Cancun Lifestyle Resort:

Sandos Cancun Lifestyle Resort

Once again, Sandos Cancun Lifestyle Resort has made a place in the list of best wedding spots due to their inexplicable services and variety. If you think a destination wedding in Cancun means limiting yourself to an outdoor wedding, this resort proves your theories wrong by allowing you a wedding event however you want whether you’d opt for the beach, a penthouse or even a rooftop terrace.

Sandos goes out an extra mile by offering all-inclusive rates for your wedding guests where they can enjoy the services to their heart’s desires and you won’t have to worry about being handed additional charges on the bill when the time comes for payment.

The Grand at Moon Palace:

The Grand at Moon Palace

The Grand at Moon Palace is a spot that may have you confused regarding what sort of wedding you want if you’re not already clear-sighted with options that never seem to end.  It has everything you could possibly want and more when you stay here from golf courses and gourmet restaurants to water parks and nightclubs, you’ll never be out of activities to do if you decide to stay here for your wedding. But that’s all for the stay, the venue options itself isn’t an easy choice when you’re presented with everything from a Catholic chapel to an indoor ballroom.

Make sure you make your wedding day a magical moment and don’t miss out the chance to grab the opportunity of the best packages and offers at Cancun for your destination wedding. Visit us at Dream Wedding Solutions and we’ll arrange a South Asian wedding you won’t regret.

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