Quick Guide To Some Of The Best Unusual Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are only a small part of your wedding day but are surprisingly important when it comes down to it. They offer the perfect chance to put a personalized touch on your celebration and to show your appreciation to your guests for joining you on your big day.

Traditionally, wedding guests received a trinket box containing five sugared almonds to symbolize health, wealth, happiness, long life, and fertility. However, in recent years, unusual wedding favors have become increasingly popular.

But how do you find the perfect favor to suit everyone?

Here, we’ve put together a guide to some of the best unusual wedding favours to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you’re on a budget, splashing out, or a DIY expert, we’ve got something for everyone.

Something Sweet

Edible favors are a really good choice as it allows you to cater to everyone’s taste buds, both young and old, and retro sweets are the perfect way to incorporate a bit of nostalgia. You can put together individual striped bags of sweets for each guest or have a DIY sweet table by arranging large tubs of sweets and letting guests put together their own Pick n Mix bag.

Not only is this cheap and cheerful, but it can add a really fun element to your wedding and is bound to please everyone! Alternatively, homemade sweet treats of honey, jams, brownies, or cookies are a great choice for those on a shoestring budget.

Herbs and Spices

A slightly different edible gift but a popular one nonetheless, a small bottle of different herbs and spices will go down a treat. You can make them look pretty by arranging them in small stoppered trinket bottles and add a personal touch by attaching a customized label, finishing off with a lovely bow.

This seller on Etsy allows you to create a custom spice blend for your special occasion and add your own personalized note to your favors


This is a quirky alternative wedding favors and adds some lovely colour to your celebrations. Whether you DIY and plant lots of different succulents or buy them from your local garden center, potted succulents are a cute and budget-friendly favor to give away to guests.

With minimal care required for this plant, guests can use it to brighten up their work desk or add a lovely touch to their kitchen.

Charity Donation

Lots of couples are looking to use their wedding day to support a cause close to their hearts and are donating to their chosen charities in lieu of traditional wedding favors.

This can be a beautiful and heart-warming favour that many guests will appreciate, especially if you leave a card at each place setting to tell them more about the charity and why it’s important to you.

Lottery tickets

On your wedding day it’s easy to feel like the luckiest people alive, so why not pass on this good luck to your guests?

A lottery ticket or scratch card placed inside a quirky holder is a great favor that gives your guests a chance to win big. You can find personalized lottery ticket holders on Not On The High Street, or make your own if you’re feeling artistic!

Tea, coffee and hot chocolate

Everyone loves a good hot drink, whether they’re coffee lovers, tea aficionados, or hot chocolate devotees. Putting together some unique blends, or just your favorite blends, of tea and coffee is a lovely favor that also comes in very handy. If you’re opting for hot chocolate, try arranging the cocoa powder with some marshmallows and toppings to make a quirky homemade kit.


Finally, a coloring favor can be used for both adults and kids alike. Hand out some printed coloring sheets and a set of personalized coloring pencils and let the creativity commence!


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