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The main gallery began in 1999 and has grown steadily since then. Each year the group attends a different international fair in Europe or America. The artists are influenced by modern and classical Japanese art and architecture. The presentation of the works is symbolic and always creates an atmosphere of harmony within the exhibition.

The exhibition space is also a total-immersion experience which includes the following:

The gallery space is based on a labyrinth containing a subtle lighting system that reflects on the walls and ceilings. Three small, previously hidden rooms are specially designed for painting, drawing or photography. They are closed at exhibition time, and the exhibition works are exhibited only at night.

The installation art shows an atmosphere created by the sudden flooding of the space. The original room in which the gallery is located gradually disappears, leaving only the support wall, which is suffused with light. The space is filled with a soft, gentle sound that does not have any audible origin, but comes directly from space itself. The sound is visible on the walls and the ceiling where numerous small sounds are overlapped, reducing the effect of the visual field. This installation art inspires artists to use a highly sophisticated visual art form and brings to light their creativity.

The installation art, theatrical and music performances all have one common element: they are presented as a reflection of the invisible space.

This gallery, which is located on the third floor of an old house, has a large bay window and a sunny courtyard that give it a spacious and natural atmosphere. The gallery and the space around it come to life at night as it lights up the space with its private lighting system. The discovery of the private lighting system and the installation of the artwork are integral parts of the exhibition space. The exhibition space is a three-dimensional installation that is viewed from various angles. Works on the walls are created by artists that have had personal encounters with the space. These works are the reflections of the space that everyone can perceive and share.

The exhibition space is located in an apartment building in the countryside. The space is not located in one particular room but throughout the entire apartment, and there is no physically reserved space for a gallery. The artists who use the space also use the various rooms of the apartment, making it into an exhibition space within



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