Financing A Singaporean Wedding

The wedding is a beautiful occasion to celebrate love, joy and happiness together. The event not only revolves around the bride and groom but around the friends and families of each. It is an event that is captured in the minds of many for many years. Every bride and groom wants the best of everything for their special day from dresses to the banquet and feast presented to the guest. Except for these big agendas, there are lots of minor things that need to be done perfectly for a wedding to be a memorable one. But maintaining all of this also cost too much making it sometimes an out of the budget ceremony.

Especially when it’s about a Singaporean wedding who have mixed cultures of Malaya, Chinese and Indian. There is a lot to follow in a ritual Singaporean wedding that usually is high on the pocket for bride and groom both. But as some traditions are ought to follow to have a perfect Singaporean wedding you can’t deduct any of them, here are some of those:

  1. The Banquet where the feast is presented to the guest to celebrate the union of the couple cost a little too much. It also depends on how much guests you are inviting, the more the guests are the more you want a vast venue to celebrate.
  2. The photography and videography is the new culture in almost every wedding but sometimes it is high in cost as it includes pre-wedding shoot, wedding shoot and also posts wedding shoot.
  3. The bridal package is also an expense which includes bridal makeup, hairdo and dress also.
  4. The wedding bands for the couple are also expensive and adds an expense to your wedding.

These are some of the significant expenses for a Singaporean wedding but through a planning, you can reduce the cost. It depends on the couple how much they are ready to spend or their special day and keeping in mind their budget they can work on things to lower the cost. Here are some tips to do that:

  1. Try to consider more than one options instead of choosing the most expensive one. You can get a budgeted deal from your considered options.
  2. As videography makes a wedding memorable instead of omitting it try to look for top wedding videography Singapore and you will surely get something in your cost but worthy.
  3. Ask the newly married couples, how they managed to have an in the budget wedding. You can new ideas and possibly referrals on the services they have already used.
  4. Look for a restaurant instead of the hotel, it will cost you lesser.

Despite all these, Remember that this day is once in a lifetime day. Either spending a lot or little on the celebration, don’t forget to enjoy. Think of your partner, make them feel loved and cared and never compromise on their happiness. It is not difficult to have a wonderful but inexpensive wedding in Singapore, you just have to look for the right option.

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