Fonticate Crack [Updated] 2022

Even though you’re using a standard keyboard to write text, it doesn’t mean output needs to be in an universal style. Computers are equipped with large variety of font styles, and even more are available for download. In case you’re interested how they look like, you can use Fonticate to browse through all installed fonts.
Can be used on the go
On the bright side of things, the application saves you the whole effort of getting it installed on your PC, and can be launched right after download. As a consequence, you can store it on a thumb drive to check fonts on other computers as well. Moreover, registry entries remain intact during all this time.
The visual design consists of a classic window frame with a large scrollable list to browse through all elements with ease. A default text string is provided so you can preview specific font styles without any effort at all. There’s a dedicated field to modify the text input to add custom characters in case you’re interested in a particular set.
Only shows font preview
Font names are also displayed in the preview area, but most of the slot is taken by the sample text. Be sure to keep the string short, because the main window can’t be resized, and there’s no built-in text wrapping option.
However, you only generate text preview for standard styles, with no option to enable attributes like bold, italic, or underline, not even if pasting text which is already formatted this way. Moreover, the application doesn’t show how many items are on the list, and you can’t copy the string under a particular font style.
In conclusion
Bottom line is that Fonticate is a straightforward font preview tool which lets you experiment with different characters to help you choose the right font for your projects. Sadly, there’s no option to view text attributes, or copy text using a particular font type.









Fonticate Crack (Final 2022)

The application can display fonts available on your system, displays the name of each font and a preview of selected font. So you can preview and compare fonts such as Helvetica, Black, Arial, Charcoal, Impact.
However, since there are so many fonts, it needs a lot of time to list all of them. You can also select specific font by its name as well as move to a font easily.
So what are the cool features of this app? The output format is really great. The font name and preview can be exported to CSV, which is very handy. You can also export the font name and preview to a web link which can easily be used for your website.
Finally, the application is only designed for Windows OS so please do not blame us if you are using Windows but you have used Fonticate Crack Free Download on Mac.
The Cracked Fonticate With Keygen can be useful when you want to install fonts on your system.
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Fonticate Crack+ PC/Windows [2022]

By using Fonticate, you can view and even download all available fonts on your PC without registering. The interface consists of a window frame with a list of fonts arranged on a scrollable panel. It is similar to what you would get from just browsing through Windows’ system font list, but with a neat option to search for fonts by type (numbers, symbols, etc).

When a font is selected, Fonticate will display the preview area. Here, you can use your mouse to select multiple fonts and then apply the desired formatting. If you want to view the actual output, simply paste in the text box that’s provided.

You can also create customized text strings by typing it in the text box and subsequently hitting the Generate button.

Useful Information :

Keyboard Controls

You can use the keyboard to scroll through all elements on the list, using any of the following shortcuts :

↑–> to navigate through the list

↓–-> to highlight a font in the list and return to the previous font

Z–√ to go to the top or bottom

n–k to advance through the list

How to install

For Microsoft Windows users, the application is available as a stand-alone app, and a portable version that you can install on any of your USB thumb drives to take with you.
The portable package is a smaller version of the installation file so it can be easily stored on a thumb drive and be used as a portable application.

Installing the Software

1. Open the downloaded file after downloading ( for Stand-alone version). Make sure to open folder containing the installation file (for Microsoft Windows users), open it and run setup.exe to install Fonticate.

2. For portable versions, simply copy and paste it to a suitable USB thumb drive.

3. After the installation finishes, a menu item will be added to the context menu of your Windows Explorer. You can use it to access Fonticate by typing Fontiate in the address bar.

Fontiate Reviewed by Bob on 2018-03-01

Fonticate is easy to use and shows you exactly how your text will look when the font you are looking at is applied. At first glance, it looks like an adware application but a single click of the mouse removes that impression. The fact that I can download a version to a thumb drive and use it anywhere without registration


Download and install Fonticate on your computer. When installation completes, download the most suitable font that you want to use in your projects to the Desktop.

Open Fonticate, and you will see a standard window frame containing a drop-down list to select the font you downloaded.

Type the text and press Enter to preview all text in bold, italic, and all other font styles.

A solid font editor

This solution is aimed at those of you who wish to try all the font styles available in the application, but are lazy about trying them all the time. If you only need to edit font names you’ve already used for a longer time, then you can just start writing your text in the name field, select one font in the drop-down list, and watch the text preview to ensure that your font selection has worked properly.

Improve text by adding custom text

The application is quite simple, and allows you to type text and modify formatting before previewing the new text. However, there’s no copy and paste function to copy text from one application to another.

Besides editing text, you can also select all or multiple words in the word-picker box, and then apply attributes like bold, italic, or underline to them.

This solution has a paid version, but the features of both solutions are pretty similar. The only difference lies in the way you preview text, and the alternative to edit font names.

On the other hand, all previously installed fonts are displayed in the drop-down list which you use to select a font style for text editing. You can also browse through all fonts by typing the name of the font in the search field.

To preview text, you either click on the preview button at the top right of the window, or press Ctrl+Enter to open the text editor. When you need to write new text, just click on the text field, type the text, and press Enter.

A good solution for those of you who wish to preview all available fonts for an improved text preview.

Fonticate Description:

The application has multiple parts, allowing you to preview text in both visual and text editor. Moreover, it displays the full list of installed fonts in the main window, and lets you select fonts right after installation.

Load the applications package

This part of the instructions is aimed at those of you who have the installation file ready, and want to

What’s New In Fonticate?

Add, remove or preview a range of fonts directly from your hard drive. The font list is fully customizable, with over 5000 fonts available for download. Test fonts visually to find a style that you like. Use a mouse to select a font and get a preview of its text.
Supported formats:
A few of the font files are in the Portable Document Format (pdf).
Additional Requirements:
Windows 10 and up.

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System Requirements For Fonticate:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible video card
Storage: 500 MB available space
Processor: Intel Quad Core 2.6 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM

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