Are you angry, confused, and stressed out because you think that your relationship is not going to work? Do you think that your relationship with your partner is in a state of chaos and you need a direction so you can make it work? Når ægteskabet går dårligt and you need to make it work for your children and for the peace of mind? Contact Mikael Hoffmann, a couple therapist, who will analyze the problem and guide you so that you can make your relationship better and develop a mutual understanding.


Mikael Hoffmann is a therapist, counselor, stress coach, psychotherapist, sexologist, mentor coach, and lecturer in Denmark, who helps people get their lives back. He is very professional and result oriented. If you think that your mand har ændret adfærd or his behavior is hurtful towards you, it is important to seek help. Once you visit Mikael Hoffmann, you will start seeing the results of the therapy more quickly. He believes that if you want to make any relationship work, you need to build it like a campfire. There are different steps in building a relationship and the most important is to be well prepared. You must know what to do and how to do it.

What is the worst thing you could do to your partner?

If you want a healthy and ideal relationship, it is important to complement and give attention to each other because once you expose your partner to defense, criticism, obstruction, and contempt, that is when you start to deceive each other, and this leads to a greater chance of divorce.


Once you start prioritizing work or other things over your partner, there is a chance that your partner will start doing the same. Humiliating, interrupting or ignoring your partner is unwise and is the root problem that gives rise to unhealthy relationships. When the relationship is going bad, you need to look at yourself and your behavior first.

Sometimes your partner may be thinking of something else and the lack of response may be perceived as contempt. Make sure that you improve your communication and your partner is not tired or stressed. Try to understand and handle the situation instead of ignoring it.


Turning up the music while your partner is talking, ignoring the decisions or manipulating your partner is what leads to the destruction of any attempt at communication. This also causes your partner to raise his or her voice and change their behavior towards you.

Misunderstanding also leads to obstruction in communication. If you want to build your relationship, don’t expect your partner to change first, instead, change your behavior by asking questions, having an open communication, and also listening to their problems.


If you are wondering why your mand har ændret adfærd or why your wife does not like sharing her stories with you, maybe it is because you criticize whatever they do, whether you are doing it consciously or unconsciously.

If your partner downgrades your every act, maybe they are in emotional pain and need to criticize others just to feel good about themselves. Start talking to your partner about their behavior and how it affects you.


Defending yourself even if you are wrong or expecting your partner to change and forgive you is not a sensible solution to your problems.

When your partner does not apologize for his or her behavior and make excuses, maybe something is bothering them. Start asking questions and try to figure out what they really want.

So, når ægteskabet går dårligt or your mand har ændret adfærd or your wife can’t understand you, don’t lose hope and take one step at a time in building back your relationship. You must look at yourself and how you can change your behavior towards your partner. You need guidance and advice and that is what Mikael Hoffmann is here to offer. So, send an SMS on this number 21 79 18 50 or email post (a) You can also visit the clinic “The Therapists”, Gl. Kongevej 143, 1850 Frederiksberg C. If you live abroad or can’t visit the clinic, you can also get help over a phone call or Skype.

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