How to find a good event planner?

Have you got all wrapped up into an event planning? You feel, you know that you need help. The question is, how to make sure you find a good, reliable event organizer to take the weight of your shoulders?

Lily Chulayevska, an event planner in Event Barcelona agency with years of experience, shares her advice on how to check if you got a professional and trust able event organizer working on your case.


No matter if you google search or find your organizer by recommendation, make sure the agency is in the top 10 google results. This is an easy way to make sure the company exists on the market for over 1 year and is serious about what they are doing. This way you will not be dealing with amateurs that just want to “play” the role of an event organizer, but only do it from time to time.


Next step would be to check the website and the social profiles, there you will find more information about the style of the company and most likely will be able to understand how big and professional the company is.


Check the past events section and make sure the agency or planner have experience in the right size of events. Event tour for 20 people will need a very different type of skills and set of resources from a wedding for 200 people or corporate event for 500 participants.


Be alert with any negative comments on social media especially with no or a rude answer from the planner. Remember in this business everything is done to please the client not to make him/her unhappy. It is always a good idea to reach out privately to someone who has already used this organizer in the past and ask their real opinion.


Pay attention to the first email or phone call that you have with the planner. Did they sound experienced? Is it the type of personality you can work with? Remember, you will have to work closely with these people, it is important you get along.


Language clues are very important, pay attention to the conversation style that your planner has. Does it all sound serious? Do you understand everything your event organizer says? Are they patient enough to listen to what you need till the end without throwing in their own vision first?

These are the top clues that you can use to identify if you are in good hands. If you are looking for more inspiration or an event organizer feel free to contact us at

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