What Do You Know About Christian Promise Rings?

Christian Promise Rings

Promise rings are basically Christian wedding rings. Christian commitment means commitment and fidelity. It is a promise made by two people to fulfill their vows to each other. In order for this promise to be kept, then both the partners should stick by their commitments. Promise rings represent this promise made by the couple to each other.


Promise rings meaning is very wide and also has a much wider scope, which means that it has no limit in usage too. The basic meaning or base of all these promise rings is actually to keep on doing a particular task that was promised to each other without wavering from the promise made. So promise rings meaning really has a broader connotation than what has previously been expected from it. This is the reason why Christian promise rings are used for wedding purposes too.

Made of:

Christian wedding bands are mostly made up of a precious stone like diamond. There are various reasons why couples prefer Christian promise rings. For example, if the wedding band is to be worn only for one wedding then usually a diamond ring is used as the wedding ring. However if there are many Christian wedding parties going to be conducted then other precious gemstones like ruby, sapphire, emerald etc are also used. These Christian rings can also be given as gifts to your loved ones as well.

Christian religious promise rings are popular too. The most popular among these rings are Christian purity promise ring and Christian purity ring which symbolize the sanctity of Christian marriage. In most of the Christian wedding ceremonies, a special pledge is made by the groom to be a good husband and a good father to his bride. To symbolize their commitment Christian purity promise ring is worn on the left ring finger of the left hand by the grooms who is going to marry the bride.

Traditional promise rings

Christian, traditional promise rings are available in various gold and white gold in different designs. Christian, traditional promise rings also come with gemstones in their design like rubies, emeralds etc. Christian white gold promise rings are much preferred as they go with the dress pattern and theme of the wedding ceremony whereas in the case of Christian gold rings they remain with the groom as he is going to buy wedding rings for his wife. Many people also wear Christian white gold promise rings as a sign of their spiritual attachment towards their religion.

Poetry Rings:

Poetry rings have always been a part of the wedding ceremonies. Christian poetry ring designs include some of the most famous poets including William Wordsworth, Robert Frost and John Keats who have written wonderful poems for all Christian weddings. Poetry and Christian wedding promise ring designs include beautiful biblical verses as well as famous love poems. Christian love poetry and Christian religious promise ring designs are available in many forms. Christian love poetry and Christian religious promise ring designs include some of the most beautiful poems and words in the world.

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