Hiring a Live Band For Wedding In Singapore

After a super hit engagement, you and your fiancé would definitely be looking forward to a unique idea for your wedding, perhaps having a live band to boost up your wedding reception with live music. The energy and verve of enthusiasm that the live wedding bands can bring to the event just can’t be beaten. All you have to do is choose what type of band you wish for. Some of the many types of live wedding bands to choose from include hip-hop, country, rock, soul to jazz, blues, and swing. Four of the main questions to ask yourself before choosing a wedding band for your big day are:

What Can Your Location Accommodate?

Confirm the area and size of your venue beforehand. Check if it consists of a stage or a committed area for entertainers, or else you would have to give up on the dance floor. A band of six to eight people can easily be accommodated in a large space area booked for a reception. Whereas thinking to keep a more intimate venue can lessen band area, which may get you a band of four pieces or even less. In this regard, the venue can be asked for guidance from the bands as they must be having a familiarity with their reception space whether a band set will be suitable or not.

Who Do You Plan To Invite?

In a wedding, there are several different people with different tastes in music so choosing a band takes a lot more consideration for this part. Your friends, colleagues, and people from your generation might settle on liking your taste but you can’t trust your likings with all your different aged group people, including your parents, parent’s friends, and grandparents. Not ignoring the little human beings, weddings also include children. Pick the type of music wisely bearing in mind which music would be pleasing for them and would make them enjoy and even get up for the dance. Every guest on your list needs to be taken into account and felt considered.

All this goes in your favor too, adding on a pleasant memory to your special day, having a performance worth recalling. This is a wedding band’s responsibility to make your guests feel all energized and get their bones to dancing on the beats. This view seems pleasant and relaxing side by side, having everyone so cheerful around you. Such brilliant entertainment brings warmth and energy to everyone and makes sure the night ends in high spirits.

How Long Should They Be Playing For?

A demo of even five sequential songs can be placed quite well by a band but if it’s a four hour set to be played, it can end up being totally unlike. It can be quite helpful if you choose a brand that is active at someone else’s event to know if they will continue performing with the same enthusiasm over your four to five-hour event as they show in their demo. A plus point is if the band can tackle the changing moods of the people in your reception and even willing to play the music on people’s demands and lift up their moods when the clock starts to tick midnight and visitors start to get exhausted.

Would The Music Compliment Your Wedding Theme?

If you wish for an elegant, yet splendid Hollywood style reception, only a swing or jazz band can maintain the quality of your wedding. Likewise, going for a beach themed wedding with a string quartet will be totally out of trend. In that scenario looking for a solo Spanish guitarist or possibly a Latin band can being more heat for your party.

After finalizing a suitable band that will be complementing your wedding day, you must proceed to decide what the band should be wearing to stand out, how much time would they be required to set up the band and check if the soundtrack is working fine, also if they will be willing to have a good grip on the music for your first memorable couple dance. Also getting the cake cutting announcements and reaching significant dances that night can make your ceremony a great memory.

Find Suppliers

It’s quite simple to find a live band to hire for your wedding night. You can go on scrolling some good music booking sites and this internet search itself can help you find and listen to a variety of bands residing in your area. Typically, there are photos and customer reviews for each music band to view, and you can have their contact number or email to get in touch with them if you like. You can call them directly to discuss the overperforming needs. You must make sure of having a written contract with your band that includes all of the discussed points.

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