Meaning Of Roses

Roses are perhaps one of the few flowers whose meanings change with their color. Roses have traditionally been considered to be the symbol of love and romance, but their meaning also varies depending on their color. Here are some of the more common meaning behind every rose.

Red Roses Meaning

This is probably the most commonly known of all the different color roses. The color red represents the passion and heat that the rose exudes. When these roses are paired with white flowers they represent purity. These are the ones that have been traditionally associated with love and romance. They stand for passion. They can be paired with many different colors including white or blue, and sometimes even purple. They can even be used in place of green roses to represent nature and freshness. In China and Thailand red roses also represent wealth and prestige. A gift of red roses in these countries could also mean a wish for good fortune and prosperity. 

Blue Roses Meaning

This color stands for innocence. It can also stand for love and purity. When a person is in love and trying to maintain it this color rose is the way to go. The blue color can also be used to represent faithfulness.

Purple Roses Meaning

These flowers signify friendship. They can be paired with any color rose to represent any other color. They are often used in weddings, to represent the love and happiness of the bride and groom. In the winter they are often paired with red roses to symbolize winter and the end of summer.

One thing you may want to keep in mind if you are planning a wedding is to pair the two colors of rose together. This shows the bride that her beauty was not only limited to her skin color. She would be able to stand out as beautiful and feminine regardless of her skin color. Many couples choose to use this color in their wedding arrangements and decorations to show the love and joy of their love.

White Roses Meaning

This is one of the most popular of all the different colors that can be used to express the many meanings of roses. As their name implies, white roses stand for purity and truth. If you are looking for a symbol to show your innocence or cleanliness, you may want to pair a white rose with other white roses to signify a clean and hygienic lifestyle. White roses can also stand for purity. If you are having your wedding at the beach you may choose white roses with blue or sand on the top of them for a formal look. The colors on the petals of the rose will help bring out the white in your wedding.

Pink Roses Meaning

These are the type that is traditionally associated with femininity. They stand for love, beauty, purity and friendship. They can stand for anything that you want them to, including romance. love itself. They can be paired with almost anything that you want as long as they are pink.

Pink roses can also stand for romance. If you want to add some spice to your wedding you may want to pair a pink rose with pink roses, a yellow rose with yellow roses or a red rose with red roses. To show the innocence in your wedding or reception you may want to use white rose petals on the pink or blue roses to show the purity in your wedding ceremony.

Roses stand for life and purity and they can stand for friendship. When you pair these flowers with white roses you are showing the simplicity of life. You are showing the beauty and simplicity in your wedding and reception as well as being true to yourself and your loved ones.

It is easy to see the many different meanings of roses and how they can be used in a wedding. As you can see, there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing roses as a symbol to have your wedding.

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