Planning For An Outdoor Wedding

Planning For An Outdoor Wedding

One of the main reasons that couples choose an outdoor wedding is that it bring a more relaxed feel to the proceedings, while still being very romantic. Although it may feel relaxed on the day, there will still need to be a lot of careful planning that goes into all aspects of the wedding. This will be the case whether the wedding date has been set for weeks, months or years. The following checklist can be used to make sure that nothing has been forgotten when preparations are being made and that the whole wedding goes exactly as you have planned.

Check What Amenities Are Available At The Venue:

There are many parks, gardens and beaches that allow wedding ceremonies to take place but they may not have all the amenities that you need. Some things to consider is whether there are enough parking spaces for everyone and if there are luxury wedding toilet facilities that are easily accessible. You are also likely to need access to electricity and if this is not available then you may have to hire a generator.

Check Whether You Need Any Permits:

You will need to check with the venue if any permits are required for the things that you want at the wedding. The venue should have all this information and in some cases they may even be able to get these permits organised for you.

Plan For Good And Bad Weather:

No one wants to think that it is going to rain on their wedding day, but this is something that you need to plan for. Even though you won’t know what the weather will be doing to a week or so before the wedding, there are still plans that you can put in place. You may want to consider hiring a gazebo so that the ceremony can be held under cover if it does rain.

Plan For Different Temperatures:

The temperature is something else that you need to consider and plan for. If it is going to be really hot then you will want to make sure that cold drinks are served so your guests can stay hydrated. If it is colder than you were expecting then you may want to make shawls and scarves available for people to use if they start to feel chilly.

Think About Your Choice Of Dress And Shoes:

If you have a long dress, then the fact is that it is going to get dirty as it brushes along the ground. Instead you might want to consider a dress that is just above the ankle. You will also find it difficult to walk on surfaces such as grass with high heels without sinking into the ground and so flat shoes are the better choice.

Keep The Food And Drink Protected From The Elements:

If you are serving food and drink outdoors, then you will have to find some way of keeping these protected so they are suitable to be served to guests. This will be more of an issue with food at buffet stations that may be sat out for a long time. If you have hired caterers then they should be able to take care of the food and deal with any issues that occur.

Don’t Forget About The Sound Check:

If you are going to be using a microphone during the ceremony, then you will have to do a sound check to make sure that everyone will be able to hear what is being said. You will also need to consider the best place to situate the speakers but this is something that the venue may be able to help you with.

Take Precautions Against Bugs:

If the venue holds a lot of weddings, then they may spray the area regularly to keep bugs away and this is something that you may want to check. If you are really concerned then you could ask for bug spray to be placed on every table. Using citronella candles or tea lights can also help to deter bugs. Flies and other insects may also be attracted to the food that you have on your buffet and so this should remain covered until the food is ready to be eaten.

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