Planning Your Wedding in the Historical Era of 2020

Planning Your Wedding In The Historical Era Of 2020

On normal days’ people are anxiously waiting for the summer season for the wedding celebrations. It considers the best season to exchange vows and throw a great festive wedding dinner to share happiness with the loved ones. But unfortunately, the current pandemic situation of COVID-19 impacts our life and restricts the celebrations as well. The year 2020, is not normal like the past years – we are in a situation with limited social interaction, gatherings are not allowed and people are advised to stay home by maintaining social distancing and much more.

Due to the current situation, it is more likely impossible to have big wedding celebrations for the rest of the year. But it does not mean to postpone the celebration and delay the wedding date for the sake of a huge wedding celebration. A wedding planner is always accompanying their clients with the best and suitable solution to have a great time and a memorable celebration of a special day.

A number of people postponed their wedding by considering the virus attack and the possibility or threat of spread. As in different regions around the world, it is restricted to gather more than 10 people or even not allowed for the public gathering for celebrations. In such a situation some find delaying is the best idea to avoid the situation. But some find a solution through an event planner to organize a private wedding event with limited guest and public exposure.

Still, there are certain limitations that delay and alter the celebration in different regions around the world, here are some of them:

Getting A Marriage License

The first challenge that restricts the celebration and pushes people to go towards the delay option is filling for the marriage certificate and getting approval from authorities. In different countries, due to the recent lockdown situation, the procedure is quite changed or on hold. Like in regular days, couples just pay a visit to the council office, file an application, and within 24hours get approval to have an official ceremony. Now it is difficult to apply for that simple procedure like offices are closed due to coronavirus pandemic. Or in some states, the procedure is available online and couples can only be allowed to marry in a private wedding event without many gatherings.

Have A Big Day Celebration

Wedding 2020, restricted to just the private event with a minimum guest list. Because social distancing is exercising and it is not allowed to gather more people due to avoid the spread. Most probably a couple can be married in a private ceremony with 10 or less than 10 people.

Availability of the Location

The location of the wedding is another challenge that will hit the wedding season 2020. You cannot go for the destination wedding, throw a big celebration, book a boat, or event church only facilitate limited guests or small events.

A wedding celebration is an opportunity to bring relatives and loved ones together. It is hard to have a celebration by not doing this, but if you consider that bringing them together can harm the health then it is not that difficult to think in another way.

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