really quick ways to ruin your wedding

There are many ways to have your wedding ruined… I hope that while you are planning the best day of your life you won’t be going through things that will ruin it.  So I hope you will be able to avoid all of the things that I am going to list. So you can have the best possible day.


Nobody likes family drama, family drama can be the number one way to ruin a wedding. There should be no fighting with your family on this day. I know this day can be a little stressful you have to cater to everyone that is showing up. Although people say that this is about you it’s honestly more about how much fun your family and friends are having. Things do happen but be prepared for the worst. Family can be complicated, but if you see that some of your family members are arguing because they are intoxicated or whatever led up to it. Kick them out of your wedding before they ruin it completely; it is not worth keeping them there to ruin this day of yours completely.


Many people will stress about how they look, whether they are going to fit into their wedding dress or their tuxedo. DO NOT OBSESS…. Especially about weight, being self-critical will put a damper on your mood the day of your wedding. Looking into the mirror and degrading yourself is gonna make you not want to do anything but sit in your room and sulk. This will ruin your day faster than you can believe. Self-image is a big thing in this society. Society tries to tell you that you need to look a certain way to be perfect and to be beautiful. This is false, you look amazing.


Watching movies can sometimes give women the wrong impression of how weddings are. A lot of movies will show these super immaculate weddings with a custom wedding guest book and the whole crazy setup that are sometimes beyond reach. Comparing your wedding to others is a very easy way to ruin your wedding. Nitpicking how your decorations are presented, or being self-conscious about your caterer. If your wedding invitations looked good enough. Sitting there and worrying if your wedding is as beautiful as Jane and John’s IT IS stop stressing before you ruin your day.  People have a tendency to constantly compare yourself and your life to everyone else’s especially celebrities.


Usually, you would think that this is not something that would happen since it is supposed to be your guys’ happy day.  Unfortunately, it is a lot more common than you would think. Starting the best day of your life off with fighting with the person you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with might add some kinks in your day. So work out something with your fiancé in order to know when you need a minute to think so you don’t say anything that would hurt each other.  This can be from any topic from your wedding program to when to cut the cake.


Having doubts about if you should be getting married to the person that you are about to walk down the aisle and meet will put a damper on your day and could ruin it. If you are sitting there with cold feet you should sit down with your future spouse and get reassurance that it is just jitters. A lot of people get scared that they aren’t making the right decision for just a split second. Just take a deep breath everything will work out, or it won’t.

These are things you want to try and avoid. Nothing is more important than having a great day and making fun-loving memories with your friends and family.

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