Secrets for a Happy Marriage across the Web

During the days when the wedding is approaching, all is exciting, happy and well. The preparation can be a stressful time for the couple, but because the wonderful end goal is soon to be, the stress is deferred differently than on a normal day. It’s true that wedding planning can est the quality of the couples relationship, but it’s not until after the wedding that the true caliber of companionship is revealed. Once the honeymoon phase is over, it;s time to start living in the real world. Actual compatibility is tested right away as they move in together and must consolidate furniture, kitchen supplies etc. During the wedding ceremony, 2 lives become one but after the ceremony, 2 lives plus all the belongings become one! Her are a few tips that you’ll fin repeated several times on the web that encourage the couple to take a slower approach to building the relationship to make sure the marriage lasts!

A popular article was recently published on Secrets for a Good Marriage  and it really sums it all up. One of the interesting points it mentions s to put yourself first. This seems like contradictory advice, but the reality is that too many people focus all their energy on 1 person – the partners and forget that a relationship is a compromise between two people. You must make sure you’re taken care of too. One of the most common reasons for divorce is that a one person gives too much of themselves while the partner takes advantage. We’re taught to be nice, submit to our partners but the reality is this advice simply doesn’t work. You need to make sure that both partners are equal and focusing on making sure each partner is happy is worth all the therapy in the world!

The article pushed on offers great tips from a professional sex therapist with 30 years of counseling work behind him. These tips are brief and to appreciate this approach because it;s like small advice nuggets you can print on a post-it note and stick to your fridge. Little reminders about way to make your marriage stringer in daily life. One of the great points that we don’t often see as much on the internet is to share spirituality. Sharing faith, hope and directing each other into a common life goal is an excellent idea to pursue the spiritual aspect of the relationship. This is one often overlooked as we try to ficus so much on the bedroom and communication. The spiritual realm is an excellent one to try. Even if you’re not religious, attending a non-denominational church together is a lovely way to deepen your spiritual bond.

The final point is to search the web for articles on how to have a happy marriage. There are thousands of pages to read through and you’ll often see the same points repeated, these are very important points but other times you’ll notice new ones that are sources of inspiration when you’re newly married and looking to establish a long term loving marriage. ‘Till death do us part!

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