Thai Marriage Culture

This is an old topic and is still an issue in Thailand. The saying “Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman” but the idea of Sin Sod brings forth many wrong ideas.

Sinsod Dowry 

Sinsod is like a reverse dowry. Where the groom has to make a payment to the bride’s family at the marriage ceremony. To western eyes this looks like a woman is being purchased from her family. However, in reality these days the” bride price” is given to the bride’s family in the first five years of the marriage. This is to pay for all the expenses such as, the cost of the honeymoon, medical bills, rent or the cost of the food, the rental fee of the place, all the gifts and the wedding-related expenses such as traveling expenses, food, and transportation. In many cases money is just presented at the wedding ceremony and then returned to the bride afterwards. 

Marriage Differences

Sex before marriage is frowned upon in Thailand and many men feel that if they can just avoid it, they will be spared the pitfalls of sexual adventures that they cannot control. There are many misconceptions in the western world. A marriage in Thailand will not last long if there is sex. Marriage vows are sacred and you must keep them or you will end up broke and lonely.

That being said, here are the differences in the Thai culture marriage and Western marriage. When most people think of marriage, they picture the groom pushing the bride into the church and tying the knot. However, the Thai culture marriage usually takes place inside the man’s house. In Thai culture there is no priest or ordained clergy.

Thailand Wedding Ceremony

Thai couples are supposed to meet with the family first to discuss their plans for the marriage. They then head to the home of the bride’s parents, where the couple is to talk about their future together. The best Thai wedding ceremony will take place at the home of the man and the woman. The couple may agree on a special date, but they do not have to follow the exact plan laid out by the Thai tradition. Both partners may find their own special date.

It is also important to remember that Thai culture is very traditional and does not allow for outside interference. Many Western cultures allow for outside involvement in a marriage and often end up on the receiving end. This is one of the things you need to keep in mind when trying to plan your marriage.

Thailand Wedding Bouquet –  Image provided by Flowers Thailand.

You need to know that there are strict Thai rules regarding the way a marriage is arranged. A couple in Thailand must agree on all aspects of the marriage, including who to marry, how to arrange the marriage, who to spend the wedding night with, and the engagement ring to be worn at the marriage ceremony. It is also a tradition to stay in a particular place of the country during the wedding reception

Thai culture stands firmly behind its marriage traditions and they will not look past its norms. Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman and should be held as sacred. Marriage is often a great deal more involved than simply signing a contract.

Thai culture is much less relaxed than western culture and its rules and traditions are enforced strongly. The same has been true of marriage customs in Thailand since its ancient days. The strong morals of the Thai culture help to build the unique society that exists in Thailand today. You will find that there are many customs that you will not find in other cultures, which is the culture that makes Thailand so unique.

Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and the culture has been shaped by its traditions. If you are considering marriage in Thailand or have a fiancee in Thailand, be sure to carefully consider the differences in the two cultures and know the ways in which to carry out the wedding rituals in your own unique way.

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