Things You Should Know About Moonshine

Things You Should Know About Moonshine

Nobody knows exactly when our Moonshine was born, because the Andersons family
recipe has only been passed on orally for generations. However, it is clear that the recipe
was first discovered at the end of the 19th century, immortalized on the last pages of a
cookbook. Actually unnecessary, because the Andersons continued to use only
experience when burning.

Then it happened as it had to come: in 1920 the Volstead Act came into force, which was
supposed to prevent alcohol from being consumed. Unfortunately, however, it led to the
illegal production of alcohol and also encouraged the consumption of the same. While
gangs were gaining power everywhere and earning their buns from the legal trade in
alcohol, the Chicago spirit shouldn’t gather dust.

Because our drink was still distilled and tasted. Only that this now happened in the
protection of the night and the forest. The moon lit up the night and gave our already
popular Moonshine its name. The prohibition ended 13 years later and there was no longer
any reason for the black distillery. So it got quiet around the Moonshine again. But the
Andersons remained loyal to him.

And now, almost a century later, we have made it our duty to bring the Moonshine among
the people. In our online shop at and on Amazon you can get our fruity
Moonshine in the delicious varieties Wild Berry, Peach, Caramel and Mango Curcuma.

Prohibition ends today!

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