Tips for Perfect Makeup Look on Wedding Day

The wedding day of a bride is one of the most important days of her life and it is natural for the bride to want to look and feel their best on their wedding day. In looking the best on their wedding day, many factors come into mind that should be absolutely perfect in every way. Like the dress, the shoes, the makeup, the hairstyle. But the main thing we’re focusing on is the makeup of the bride and how it complements her dress. Take a look here for more

Having the perfect makeup look is very difficult than it looks to be because it is not the simple matter of choosing the right shade for eye shadows and the right lip color but it is much more difficult.

The best makeup tips for wedding day:

Although many brides hire makeup artists to do their makeup on their wedding day, some people do not trust an unknown person to handle their face on this special day, they decide to get themselves ready by someone trustworthy or they get ready themselves. But here are some tips for the brides.

What they should do:

  • Make sure to have a trial at least three weeks before the wedding day and if the bride intends to use fake tan on her wedding day make sure to get a trial for that too. Always have a trial with a white shirt on so the bride can get a feel of what the makeup will look like on the wedding dress.
  • Always hide the dark shadows under the eyes by a concealer.
  • To balance out the white of the wedding dress always make sure to have some colorful shades of red and pink in the makeup so the whole overall look doesn’t seem dull.
  • The eyes should always stand out because they are the most important feature of a bride’s face and should be coated with thick eyelashes and mascara.

What they shouldn’t do:

  • The makeup should always be done in fluorescent lighting otherwise of the trial is done in the dark; the outcome on the real day would be very different.
  • Do not go for a heavy makeup look with lots of foundation because the end result in pictures will be very bad. The look should always be simple.
  • Do not wear a beige or dark brown hade of lipstick because it would never make the bride look fresh and the lip color on the wedding day should always be bold and a shade or two brighter than the bride would normally wear.
  • Do not go for one side of the makeup look. It shouldn’t be too glossy or too dry but it should be a balance between the two and the perfect look will be achieved.
  • Do not apply makeup to only the face but also on the neck and part of the chest o the overall look is the same and not different.




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