Tips For Actual Wedding Day Photography

Tips For Actual Wedding Day Photography

Photographers are versatile individuals and so is the profession. But that doesn’t mean that a photographer will be able to excel at all type of photographer. They might know the techniques but a single person can’t have a special eye for everything thus it is impossible for a nature photographer to cover wedding photography.

Wedding day photography might seem easy but it is so not. To cover the entire wedding, you need to be physically and mentally ready because you are going to need all your strength that you have got to deliver a great service. Annabel law top actual day photographer can provide exceptional wedding day photography services.

So to help out our new wedding photographer, we have come up with a list of tips that will help you prepare better for the actual wedding day and will ultimately help you deliver great pictures. So let us go ahead and look at these tips from the professionals.

1.      Create A Shot List

Wedding photography means that you will have to capture a lot of shots. It is very hard to come up with new ideas at the spot thus it is always better to Google some shots before the wedding day and makes a list of them so that you don’t miss any on the wedding day.

2.      Scout The Venue A Day Before The Wedding

Wedding venues are usually huge so it is always better to go a day before the wedding to scout the place so that you know which angles are the best. Pick out spots where the lighting is great and also imagine taking pictures of the couple and the family there so that you know where everyone will fit.

3.      Get In Touch With A Family Member

Getting the family together on the day can be quite hard especially when you don’t know them. Ask the couple to appoint a family member who will act as your guide for the day and will help you get everyone in place when you need them in the picture.

4.      Get Everything Done Before The Day

You will need a lot of gear for the wedding. It is always better to charge your camera before the day and get your lights and memory cards in the bags so that you don’t forget on the actual day of the wedding. Always carry extra items to that there is no mishap on the actual day of the wedding.

5.      Capture Raw Images

We do know that raw images take a lot of space as compared to the jpeg but as a photographer, you will be able to assist those raw images better. Raw images offer you versatility. You can edit them in different ways to create a mix of images in the wedding album instead of having the same images throughout the album.

6.      Set Up A Meeting With The Couple

It is very important to set up a meeting with the couple before the wedding. Discuss with them the style/design that they want for the picture or some special poses or people that they would like you to cover on the day.

7.      Get A Partner As Well

Weddings can be huge at the time this can become quite tiring as well. It will not be possible for you to cover the entire wedding on your own thus get some help from another professional photographer such as your friends, assistants, etc.

These tips are from Annabel law top actual day photographer, for the beginners who are just getting started. These tips will help youfocus on the main area of wedding photography and will allow you to give a great service to your clients.

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