A New Twist to a Traditional Wedding With a Virtual Reality Experience

A new trend in weddings is to make the event more spectacular and less expensive using a virtual reality or augmented reality wedding. This cutting edge Insta360 technology allows for the use of video cameras to capture the entire ceremony and reception and then send it to a large screen in the front of the guests. The screen is so real, some people say that they feel they are actually on vacation in the area where the wedding is taking place. With video walls, you can have all of your special moments captured and played in high definition clarity.

You’ll no longer have to worry about being stuck in the dark with your far away friends and family members wondering where the happy couple is. Not to mention the additional cost of travel and hotel costs. Now, you can have the wedding of your dreams and not have to worry about going out of town or spending a fortune on a wedding photographer. With your very own camera, you can take full advantage of Insta360 technology.

Most of these VR wedding packages include editing services so you can make the videos as beautiful as possible. Your videos can be slowed down, brightened, or totally erased. You can choose to have just the music played in the background, the ceremony itself, or you and your guests are watching from the stands. The possibilities are endless with Insta360!

What’s even better about having a video of your wedding taken by a trained professional is that it will cost you absolutely nothing. There are no fees for a photographer, set up or props. All of the costs associated with a traditional wedding ceremony are eliminated. You can have your beautiful VR wedding video while you’re still getting married and taking care of the other aspects of your wedding.

You’ll also be able to add special effects to your videos that will really enhance the visual appeal of your wedding. For example, you can add the marriage band of your choice to your video to completely make it come to life. This is an excellent way to create a virtual reality for your guests that they will love.

Another aspect of these types of VR weddings is that everyone will be able to join in on the fun. That means all of your guests will get to live out their favorite fantasy as they dance around the dance floor or laugh hysterically at the groom or the bride in their wedding dress. These virtual reality programs are fun for everyone. After the vows are exchanged, everyone will have a chance to party until the next sunrise. Now that’s a reality wedding that anyone will want to remember.

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