Why Tungsten Ring is Go-To Wedding Ring of 2018

You can find a variety of wedding rings on the market today according to your liking. You would definitely want your ring to last long as possible with less amount of scratches. The durability of the product is very important. There is a material which provides more preference than gold and platinum and that is tungsten.

Tungsten has got a number of feature up it sleeves. The material itself is so stiff and sturdy that it is considered stiffer than steel because of the presence of carbide.

How are Tungsten Rings Made?

Using tungsten is not easy. It is difficult to use because of a number of reasons. It has the highest melting point among all the metals. Hence, achieving a high temperature and maintaining it for a long time is a tough job already. There are a very few people in the market today that have the ability to it to make a wedding ring and make your day as special as possible.

These rings are not made of a single material. It requires a number of materials blended together to make the ring. It is not made like other gold rings. For this purpose, the manufacturer would need carbon and a number of other metals as well as its preparation.

Firstly, the material is crushed into fine powder. It is then given a huge amount of pressure in order to turn the material black. The heater would then remove all the free oxygen in the material.

The cutting and the molding process is quite difficult. To achieve the desired shape takes a long-term effort. Another special feature of this material is that it can only be given the desired shape by the help of a diamond cutting tool.

Other materials are long lasting as well, however, tungsten is the only material that will be unscratched and unchanged for the longest period of time. Moreover, it does not require a lot of maintenance as well. This is one of the reasons that most of the couples go for tungsten rings.


  • You do not have to go for polishing your ring from time to time as your ring will not get scratches.
  • The material itself is so strong that it will not break.
  • If you have a certain allergy, you can let the jeweler know. They will use nickel to bind the ring together. Therefore, if you are prone or sensitive towards allergies then this is your go-to ring.
  • You can go for tungsten ring if you are not willing to spend thousands of dollars on the wedding ring. Gold, diamond, and platinum are very pricey. Therefore, if you are not willing to dig a hole in your wallet then this might be the ring of your choice.

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