Why wedding videography is actually more important that photos on your wedding day.

As wedding photographer and videographer, I have been to many weddings and looked at 1000s of photos and 100s of wedding videos. I love that a good photo can tell a story. But the silent stillness is not what life actually feels like. There is always sound and motion in our lives, and on a wedding day, there is even more than normal. The laughter of the bride’s maids, and chuckles of the guys. The silly dance moves after a few drinks. The sounds and sights should not be lost just because no one was there to record it. What about the vows spoken to each other. These are promises made that are to be kept for a lifetime. They need to be saved as a family heirloom for your kids to see. 

Photos are just moments, but a well made wedding film can be a living experience to be had again and again. Photography as an art form is an awesome way to document your actions but can fall short of really expressing emotion like seeing a slow kiss in warm colors of the setting sun. It loses the movement and that romantic music that starts to bring tears to your eyes. 

A good wedding film can be anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. You probably don’t want any longer as they can start to feel a little too slow. It should show every part of the whole day. Starting with epic drone footage, then transitioning into introducing our stars, the  bride and groom, getting ready in their respective wedding suites. A talented wedding video editor might then show the venue in slow motion so you can see all the little details that the bride has picked out for her special day. I like it when the groom’s vows are spoken over 4K b roll of the ceremony area as the wedding guests  are preparing to gather around and as our beautiful bride walks down the aisle. The background music will surely be making you want to cry by this point. You are starting to see why photo can never do what a great wedding video can. 

I am not recommending that you don’t have a photographer. I think you definitely need good photos. But plan on investing as much money into your wedding videographer as you do your photographer. Some people think you need to spend $4000 for a great photo pro, but if you do your research, you can find great photography for $2000, and have $2000 for a wonderful wedding film maker. Don’t be afraid to over spend a little. 3 years after your wedding day, you wont remember what the food was like, but you will always have your keepsake wedding film where you were a superstar for one day. 

By Dugan Mccarty

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