What Is Black Gold? Everything You Need To Know

What Is Black Gold

Black gold is also a common type of gold for jewelry and various other uses. Black gold may be gaining popularity these days, but knowing how to invest in a particular type is also essential.

Before you buy black gold, you should know that it is very different from traditional types of jewelry. Below is a step-by-step guide that identifies all important aspects of this element. They contain:

According to the World Gold Council, the color of black gold comes from cobalt oxide. Gold is produced when a foundry heats cobalt oxide on a gold surface. Cobalt oxide melts at these extreme temperatures, causing the gold to blacken. In addition, cobalt oxide is a unique material because it offers longevity and attractiveness.

Additionally, jewelers often use techniques such as laser processing and electroplating to help enhance the richness of the black color. The electroplating process involves incorporating gold with a dark metal such as rhodium.

That said, gold treatments often rely on the amount of energy needed to produce a rich black color. Each approach to creating gold has its pros and cons. Although black gold has not received the same recognition as rose gold or white gold in the past, it is not clear whether it was discovered around this time.

Few people appreciate the richness of black gold because many people are used to traditional golds. Due to its unpopularity compared to other metals, wearing black gold requires deliberate decision making.

Like all golds, black gold jewelry is labeled for its purity, usually in carats. Therefore, you will likely come across labels such as 10, 14 and 18 karat gold. People who want fine jewelry, such as wedding rings, will often go for the 18-carat category.

Any carat level below 14 means the gold is not pure enough or does not have a reasonable market value. Keep in mind that pure gold averages 24 carats and is often too soft to be used for most types of jewelry.

Most goldsmiths often mix it with other alloys to improve its strength. Recently, metals guidelines also require that jewelers do not sell anything that falls under the 10k category.

Before buying gold from dealers, check the quality of the gold. Usually it comes in the form of an engraving indicating the carat level of the coin.

There are different types of precious metals, each with their unique properties. If you have comments or questions about this guide, please leave a comment. Black gold is a common alternative to jewelry, but few people know its contents or manufacturing processes. You must therefore:

  • Look for gold products before you buy them.
  • Consult a reputable and professional dealer.
  • When choosing jewelry, remember to consider your specific needs or preferences.

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