First discovered by Henri Moissan, a French man of science, Moissanite was originally found during a crater fashioned by a fallen meteor. Totally different than a traditional diamond, Moissanite is created of carbide. As a result of the natural Moissanite discovered by Moissan in 1893 is exceptionally rare, the Moissanite sold nowadays is made by laboratories. Created to look like diamonds VS Moissanite varies from Diamond in each composition and look.

Whether you are looking for the proper band to enrich associate ring you already own, or combining one with another moissanite and diamond ring from America, you will be certain to notice what you’re searching for here. Our moissanite wedding bands square measure featured in 2 distinct cuts. Every ring is out there in your alternative of 14k gold, Pd or noble metal.


A diamond’s value and worth depends on its four C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat). These parts work along to make the wonder and brilliance of the stone. On the opposite hand, most Moissanites tend to value constant value, except once 2 stones dissent in size and sort of Moissanite material—enhanced or unenhanced. While value differs between Diamond and Moissanite, it’s essential to comprehend that the options, quality and sweetness of Diamonds and Moissanites dissent considerably. Simply because the worth is lower, it doesn’t mean you’re obtaining a much better deal or a much better worth.


Diamonds area unit hierarchal on a terrorist organization Color scale from D to Z, whereas Moissanites aren’t classified by their color. Moissanites area unit, however, not colorless and tally the K grade on the terrorist organization Diamond scale. When below sure lights, yellow and inexperienced tints are often seen in Moissanites. The larger the Moissanite, the simpler it’s to note yellow, grey or inexperienced tints. At giant sizes, it’s typically simple to note the stark distinction from a Diamond.

Nearly colorless diamonds, starting from D to J on the terrorist organization scale, can contain no hints of yellow or grey coloring. Color is one component that build Diamonds sparkling white, and it’s arduous to mistake a Moissanite for the clear, natural fantastic thing about a Diamond.


The ordered series is employed to live a gemstone’s hardness—or in alternative words, its sturdiness. As the hardest notable mineral, Diamonds area unit unbelievably sturdy and resilient—and good for everyday wear and engagement rings. To gain perspective on mineral hardness, we have a tendency to show the ordered series below. Because the chart demonstrates, Diamonds area unit {harder more sturdy tougher} than some terribly durable minerals like steel and atomic number 74 inorganic compound.


When you see a diamond sparkle, you’re experiencing its ability to bend and refract light-weight. As light-weight strikes the pavilions (the angulate surfaces on the lower half the diamond), it bounces and is refracted up through the diamond’s table (the prime, flat surface) to your eye. Once this happens, it’s known as brilliance—a outstanding quality of diamonds. Moissanites, on the opposite hand, provide off a distinct kind of sparkle. Their side’s area unit cut and fashioned otherwise, inflicting less white light-weight refraction than a diamond. Whereas Moissanites do produce sparkle, it’s not as clear and spirited as those of a Diamond.

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