10 Hacks for a Wonderful Wedding

The wedding could be the most special day for anyone in their entire life. This day has so much to give you including happiness, memories and a BIG change in your life. All you want for this day is to be perfect, every inch of it. From food to decorations and venue to your dress, everything must be on point and there is no room for comprising in it.

The day is also special for the people attending it and you want to leave a remarkable expression in their minds about your special day. Many tips and tricks are there to make this day of your life a memorable one for not only the couple but also for the people attending it, a complete entertaining event:

  1. Games:

What could be more fun than games at a wedding? You can have a casino game set up there or even have bride groom related games. This will engage the visitors and a fun-filled experience for all.

  1. Dance Off:

Be it the bridegroom dance or bridesmaid dance, they are the most awaited part of a wedding. Plan a dance-off between family and friends of bride and groom. Be prepared for it and have a knock-off competition.

  1. BFF as DJ:

DJ is a must when there is celebration time but if the DJ is your one and only BFF, what could be more amazing then this. She can also play your favorite wedding songs as he/she knows them well.

  1. Photo/Video Booth:

Now people attend wedding sometimes for pictures only. So have a complete arrangement of pictures and videos with photographers and don’t forget the customized props too. This could result in a memorable photo album too.

  1. The Street Food:

It is not necessary to have a formal wedding lunch or dinner. You can try street food too, have a burger or hot dogs van placed at your venue.

  1. Instagram hashtags:

So the world is dominated by social media and you can have your wedding the most trendy one by using Instagram hashtags. Each one of your friend and family must share your pre-wedding, wedding or post-wedding picture with this hash-tag.

  1. Fancy Dress-up:

Being different has no limits. Dress your groomsmen and bridesmaid in superhero and Disney characters and make it a fancy dress wedding that everyone would love.

  1. Place a Guest Advice Card:

If you can listen to all those good advice or wishes that your guest holds for the couple, what could be more awe than this? Place an advice card on each table to fill in by your guests and make sure to read them all afterward.

  1. Paper Flowers:

For a beautiful wedding look, try paper flowers. They come in different shapes and colors and are economical too.

  1. Personalized Artist:

To entertain your guest more, hire an artist for your wedding day. Your guest would love it when they will see their portraits being made live.

Make your day special and one of a kind that will remain in your and others memory too forever. So what is your hack for a wonderful big day?

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